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Lilac Milo

Home Use Hands and Feet Trainer Mini Exercise Bike

Home Use Hands and Feet Trainer Mini Exercise Bike

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1. Light weight for easy to carry, hands and feet can be used interchangeably
2. Displayer can display time/calories/distance/scanning/rep/mini/odo
3. Featured with compact structure and reliable quality, it is durable for use
4. It is easy to operate and convenient to use, you can use it in home
5. It will help you effectively reduce fat and calories, and you just need take several times to exercise by it
6. Easy to use, it is an ideal equipment for physical fitness
7. Promote metabolism, aging resistance, increase the blood circulation and eliminate fatigue

1. Material: ABS & PP & Iron & Latex Cord
2. Color: Silver
3. Dimensions: (16.54 x 16.14 x 12.20)" / (42 x 41 x 31)cm (L x W x H)
4. Weight: 7.28lbs / 3.3kg

Package Includes:
1 x Mini Exercise Bike
1 x Manual

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