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Puce Arrowwood

Pet Feeding Mats animal breed mat the cat

Pet Feeding Mats animal breed mat the cat

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Protect your floors and simplify cleanup with our Pet Feeding Mats. Specifically designed for your furry friends, these mats act as a barrier between spills and your floors. Keep your home clean and your pets happy with our durable and convenient feeding mats. Reduce mess during mealtime for your furry family with our personalized mats available in two playful bone shapes and one whimsical fish shape. With a non-slip bottom and highly absorbent foam, these mats are ideal for any pet parent. Please note: due to fabric thickness, print colors may not fully soak through and a white background may appear when fibers are rubbed.


.: Material: 100% polyester outer-layer, 100% polyurethane memory foam core
.: Anti-slip backing
.: One-sided print
.: Pre-constructed item (size varies ±1")

Bone shape (19" x 14") Bone shape (30" × 18") Fish shape (19" × 14")
Width, in 19.00 30.00 19.00
Height, in 14.00 18.00 14.00

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